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Announcing our 2021 grand opening of a Monterey office with local attorney Kenneth Kroopf, Esq. joining our firm.

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Our time is spent on you. This is our core philosophy. Lawsuits are unique, and you need lawyers who have time to investigate your case as well as time to advise you through the process.

While the harm you suffered may be life changing, making a claim for your injuries should not consume your life. Lamb & Frischer are experienced advocates and counselors who handle your legal claim for you, so that you can move on with the rest of your life.

Contact us and learn how we are different. At Lamb & Frischer, it is paramount that clients can talk directly to their attorney, because one of the biggest state bar complaints about other firms is difficulty talking to an attorney. Therefore, at Lamb & Frischer, your claim will be evaluated by an attorney, not a team of intake staff. Our clients talk regularly with attorneys, not case managers.

We take the vast majority of our cases on contingency fees and we advance the costs of your case.

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Kenneth Kroopf

Of Counsel

Ken has over 45 years of experience as an attorney, with much of his experience focused on personal injury and employment matters in the Monterey Peninsula. Prior to joining Lamb & Frischer, he collected over $50 million for clients.

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Bryan Lamb


Bryan was raised and educated in the Bay Area and Northern California. For over 20 years, Bryan has represented individuals and families contending with catastrophic injuries and gained unique experience litigating and trying construction injury, auto collisions, defective products, and many other serious injuries cases.

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Richard Frischer


Richard has practiced plaintiff’s side personal injury and employment law for nearly a decade in the Bay Area. As an alumnus of two University of California schools, studying science and law, he is particularly adept at understanding forensics, medicine, accident reconstruction, and other issues many attorneys rely upon experts to explain.

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Areas of Specialty

We are experienced in representing people who have been injured or who have been treated unlawfully in the workplace. We primarily represent individuals bringing claims or lawsuits, and have sued defendants ranging from individuals, insurance companies, the government, and the world’s largest companies. If your legal matter is not within our expertise, we can help you find an attorney.

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Personal Injury

  • Catastrophic Injuries
  • Construction Injuries
  • Wrongful Death
  • Car, Motorcycle, and Bike Collisions
  • Public Transit Accidents
  • Injuries by Dangerous Conditions of Public Property
  • Injuries by Faulty Products (Products Liability)
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Other Types of Injury


  • Wrongful Termination
  • Discrimination
  • Harassment
  • Denial of Leave – FMLA, and other laws giving employees the right to take leave
  • Failure to Accommodate Disability
  • Whistleblowing
  • Wage & Hour Violations
  • Other Employment Issues

Results: Verdicts & Settlements

Since Lamb & Frischer’s opening in January 2013, we have obtained over $55,000,000 in judgments and settlements for our clients.

Leierer v. Harris Salinas Rebar

$10,700,000.00 VERDICT
Mr. Leierer suffered a construction site back injury. Almost a year later, he suffered a brain injury in a solo car collision. The jury found the auto collision related to his medical care and treatment for the back injury and held subcontractor Harris Salinas Rebar accountable both injuries.

Truck Driver vs. Truck Driver et al.


While delivering goods to an airport, another truck driver reversed over our client’s torso, causing significant internal injuries. Miraculously, our client was able to walk again after months in the hospital, but he could never work again. Learning that the Defendant truck driver did not have enough insurance to support our client’s future medical needs, we engaged in an investigation to find fault on the design and management of the area where the collision happened.

Driver vs. Driver


We represented a man who was injured in a head-on collision, leading to physical and brain injuries. We took over his representation upon learning that his prior attorneys sought to settle his case for less than a third of the value.

Family v. Capay Inc. (Trucking)


We represented a family whose 24-year-old son passed away when rear ended by a commercial truck driving at 50 mph towards stopped traffic on Interstate 80. The family was partially financially supported by their beloved son.

Motorcyclist vs. San Francisco MTA Employee


Our client was riding her motorcycle when cut off by a Parking Enforcement Officer making a turn across the street to enter a City parking garage. Our client could not avoid impact with the back of the parking officer’s car, leading to a broken leg and Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. The City denied responsibility for its employee’s actions until immediately before trial.

Spectator v. Charreada (Mexican Rodeo)

$2,300,000 default judgment

We represented a woman who was thrown from a horse at a Charreada (Mexican rodeo). Insufficient safety precautions were taken to prevent spectators from being given horse rides by Vaqueros (cowboys). Our client suffered a broken pelvis. The rodeo’s insurance claimed it did not cover injuries by animals, and we worked with insurance bad faith attorneys to secure a settlement for a portion of the default judgment.

Lender / Investor v. Frank Nemirofsky and ExpHand

$2,200,000 Judgment

Our client provided money to a startup. Despite continuous promises to repay our client, the Defendants continuously breached their repayment agreements. We filed a lawsuit against the Defendants for fraud and breach of contract, and obtained a judgment for breach of contract.

Passenger v. Driver

Personal Injury

Our client suffered neurological injury after a vehicle driver mistakenly slammed a SUV trunk door on her head.

Pedestrian v. City of Berkeley


We represented a woman who was struck by a car in a roundabout. Our client suffered a brain injury. Berkeley placed a tree in the roundabout obstructing the view through the intersection.  The driver had difficulty observing the pedestrian and the pedestrian had difficulty seeing the driver.

Patron v. Nightclub

$2,024,665.50 Default Judgment

Our client was caught in the middle of gunfire in front of an Oakland nightclub, suffering a gunshot to her hip. The nightclub had insufficient security to prevent fights and had locked the emergency exits, leading to our client and many others being forced to the main exit where the assailant was.

Driver v. Student Driver


Our client was setting out for a Tahoe vacation when a 15 ½ year old learning how to drive lost control of his uncle’s Tesla Roadster, spinning out on a canyon road into our client’s car. Our client suffered several orthopedic injuries and a brain injury.

Product Liability

Confidential product liability personal injury settlement.

Visitor v. Kaiser Hospital


We represented a man who alleged in a lawsuit that he suffered personal injuries arising from a slip and fall while at a Kaiser Hospital. The matter was resolved before trial.

Injured Worker v. Employer


We represented a man who worked as a paramedic and received severe injuries while being assaulted on the job, ultimately causing a multi-level spinal fusion.

Bystander v. Historical Re-enactment Organization and Restaurant

Personal Injury
Confidential settlement

We represented a woman who was in a restaurant parking lot when a horse trampled her. The horse was stored on a property next to the restaurant for a historical re-enactment and broke free from being tied to a loose branch. Our client suffered very severe brain injuries, immediately ending her career, and causing her husband to be a full-time caregiver.

Personal Injury

We represented a family in a confidential wrongful death and negligent infliction of emotional distress settlement. The defendant driver struck and killed an elderly pedestrian while relatives witnessed. When we discovered the driver had impaired vision, yet still drove, the court allowed alleging punitive damages.

Patient vs. Grancare, Parkview Healthcare, and Mariner Health Care Management

Alameda County

Construction worker vs. Simile Construction Service

We represented the family of a drywall installer who died after falling from the defendant’s scissor lift, which had its guardrail removed. We represented the worker’s two young children and his mother. The defendant claimed our client fell while climbing up the side of the lift, although no one witnessed his fall.

Pedestrian v. City of Salinas et al.


Our client was struck by an underinsured driver while she crossed the street, leading to injuries and partial loss of vision. Prior to the collision, the City of Salinas planned but not yet enacted safety measures for the intersection. After they enacted safety measures and we filed the lawsuit, they reversed the public safety measures to attempt to argue the intersection was safe in its prior condition.

Driver v. Driver

Motor Vehicle Collision

We represented a driver who was hit by a driver running a red light. She developed lasting neurological injuries in her neck and arm.

Electrician v. General Contractor

Construction injury

We represented an electrician whose knee was injured when she walked over a ramp that was improperly built.

Fugitive Recovery Agent vs. Weststar Trucking

We represented a good samaritan fugitive recovery agent who was rear-ended by a truck driver while assisting the driver of a broken down car. The collision happened in the early morning on Highway 99 and caused our client neck and wrist injuries.

Handyman v. Employer and Contractor

Construction injury

We represented a man who was working out of his employer’s home office, which was under construction. As he walked on a staircase, it collapsed because construction workers removed the stair support before removing the stairs. He suffered a back injury.

Worker v. Store

Workplace Injury

Our client fell from a permanent ladder leading to a roof hatch, where he was to work on HVAC equipment on the roof. Plaintiff contended the ladder did not have sufficient safety guards. Our client suffered numerous physical injuries.

Driver v. Driver

Motor Vehicle Collision

We represented a woman who was rear-ended during stop-and-go traffic on I-580 causing neck soft tissue injuries. A few months later, a smaller parking lot collision exacerbated her injuries. The case resolved during jury selection. Despite an insurance policy limit of $100,000.00, we convinced Allstate to contribute $300,000.00 due to their prior refusal to settle for the policy limit.

Driver vs. Progressive Insurance

We represented a single mother suing her own insurance company to recover uninsured motorist benefits owed to her. She was rear-ended by an uninsured driver and suffered a lower back injury.

Confidential Medical Malpractice

Confidential Medical Malpractice Settlement

Driver v. City of Corcoran

Motor Vehicle Collision / Government Claim

We represented an elderly driver who was in a “t-bone” collision on county roads when a City of Corcoran employee failed to respect a stop sign. Our client suffered a head injury.

Winery Employee vs. Painter

Premises Liability

We represented a woman who worked at a winery, pouring wine for guests. When the winery remodeled, a painter painted over safety warnings on a staircase, and our client fell down the staircase suffering a hip injury. We also recovered money for our client in a workers compensation case.

Father vs. Center Point Rehabilitation

Dependent Adult Abuse / Wrongful Death

We represented a father whose son passed away while at Center Point drug rehabilitation facility, after Center Point failed to refer the son to detoxification treatment after he admitted to a relapse. He overdosed. Center Point’s CEO Dr. Sushma Taylor testified that she has no opinion about whether Methadone can be fatal, and she did not discipline anyone for their actions prior to this lawsuit.

Driver vs. Driver

Our client, a travelling nurse, was hit when an oncoming driver made a left turn on a red light, ending her ability to physically perform travelling nurse work. The defendant blamed our client for causing the collision.

Family vs. Skilled Nursing Facility

Elder Abuse

We represented a family in claims of elder abuse. The family claimed that the facility did not take proper precautions for the family’s mother, leading to a number of falls and a broken wrist. Additionally, the family claimed that the nursing home staff acted in a retaliatory nature when the family complained.

Driver vs. Driver

We represented a driver who was rear-ended because the defendant was using his cell phone and driving, and obtained the defendant’s insurance policy limit. The San Francisco Superior Court agreed that plaintiff could request punitive damages for texting while driving, making this case one of the first texting-while-driving punitive damage cases.

Driver vs. Driver

We represented a driver who was struck by an oncoming car while turning left, causing our client shoulder and neck injuries.

Driver vs. Driver

An elderly driver caused a severe collision when attempting to U-turn on a undivided highway, causing our client to suffer an open fracture of the arm. We resolved the case for the policy limits of both the elderly driver and her passenger, alleging that the passenger caused the U-turn.

High School Referee vs. AMR and City of Watsonville

Workplace Injury

We represented a football referee who was accidentally tackled on the sideline, and when paramedics arrived they instructed him to hop to the ambulance, rather than carry him. Because of the hopping, his already injured leg shattered.

Driver vs. Driver

Our client was rear-ended at around 5 mph. However, because she was pivoted in her seat in order to merge into traffic, she sustained a back injury that took her off of work for over a year.

Renter vs. San Francisco Landlord

A staircase on our client’s rental property was severely rotted and collapsed under our client’s feet, causing him to fall down the stairs. Our client required shoulder surgery. The landlord contended that our client knew and complained about the collapsing stair and that contended that he had put up warning tape, which our client and witnesses denied.

High School Basketball Player v. AAU (Sporting Organization)

Sporting Injury

We represented a young woman who suffered a brain injury while playing basketball. The basketball court at which the tournament took place was organized negligently without enough space to safely allow a player falling out of bounds. As she was fouled near the basket, she fell into the bleachers and hit her head.

Pedestrians vs. Driver

A driver struck two clients while making a right turn on a green light, causing foot injuries to one and back injuries to the other.

Pedestrian vs. City and County of San Francisco and Land Owner

Our client, who suffered from a disability and used dual crutches, fell when his crutch went into a drain with its cover missing. Our client lost his mobility due to a shoulder injury.

Passenger vs. Driver

We immediately obtained the insurance policy limits for a farm worker injured when the car he was a passenger in flipped over.
Each case is unique and individual results vary. We cannot guarantee any outcome.


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