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Personal Injury

Badly Injured? Get Compensation With A Personal Injury Claim In California

Badly Injured Get Compensation With A Personal Injury Claim In California

Traumatic accidents leave deep emotional scars and serious physical injuries – and they can happen to anyone. Therefore, it is vital that everyone in California understands their rights when it comes to claiming personal injury compensation. This article covers the basics everyone should know, including:

  • How to start the personal injury process after an accident or injury in California.
  • The three most common tactics insurance companies use to deny personal injury claims.
  • When to hire a personal injury attorney after an accident or injury.

Before we jump in, let us look at some of the most common worries and questions injured accident victims have in California cases. If you have been asking yourselves any of these, we have the answers.

What Are Some Of The Most Common Questions Injured Californians Have About Personal Injury Claims?

If you have found yourself in a car accident or injured due to the negligence of someone else, chances are you have asked yourself some or all of these questions:

  • “Do I have a valid claim for compensation?“
  • Every case is different – and California laws can make for some very complicated scenarios. However, you can read more here about the injuries that can qualify and more here about the role of fault in your claim.
  • “How much is my case worth?”
  • The short answer is that your case is worth however much you need to cover your losses and costs. The long answer is that a lot of math is involved in calculating that, often with the help of medical and financial experts. How much you will actually receive will also depend on how fast you are able to get in touch with a personal injury attorney, what losses you have suffered, and the insurance policies involved. For example, truck accidents are often much higher “value” because trucking accidents tend to be much more severe.
  • “How do I get treatment while I wait for the personal injury settlement? How will my medical bills be paid? What happens if I can’t go back to work?”
  • The whole point of the personal injury process is to cover those medical costs and any current or future wages lost due to the injury. You should keep getting your medical care as usual if you have insurance. Some medical providers will take “liens” on your case if you do not have insurance and cannot pay for treatment up front.
  • “Do I have to be involved in a lawsuit?“
  • Most personal injury claims are settled by insurance companies well before they get to the trial stage. Chances are you will not, though you should always be ready so that insurance companies take your claim seriously and settle it properly.
  • “How much do attorneys cost?”
  • Nothing! Well, nothing up front. Personal injury attorneys only get paid if we win for you, and even then, only out of the settlement or damages awarded in court. Therefore, we have every incentive to help you get the very highest and fairest of compensation. We also advance all the out of pocket costs required to pursue your claim or lawsuit, and those costs come out of any settlement or judgment recovered.

How Do I Begin The Personal Injury Claim Process After An Accident With Serious Injuries?

Once you have made sure to receive the medical attention you need and have notified your own insurance provider of the accident, it is time to call an attorney to begin the personal injury claim process.

The first step in claiming compensation for your injuries is to file an insurance claim. In some rare cases, it is better to jump straight to a lawsuit. Most of the time, however, your personal injury attorney will help you start with an insurance claim to try and negotiate a reasonable settlement with an adjuster.

If that fails, only then can we move on to a lawsuit. Fortunately, if you are working with us as your personal injury attorneys, you will not need to do anything during this time except keep getting the treatment you need to heal and recover.

What Are The Most Common Tactics Insurance Companies Use To Deny Or Limit Personal Injury Claims?

Insurance companies’ sole interest is paying out as little money as possible, and they will employ all kinds of tactics.

To start with, insurance companies will try to take advantage of someone who does not have an attorney. They will offer a quick settlement for a very low amount to bait you into accepting it and giving up the possibility of obtaining much more. This is why if you receive any offer, you should have it reviewed by a personal injury attorney before you accept.

Even if you do hire an attorney, however, insurance companies do not make it easy. They will, at every turn, try to deny, delay, or defend against your claim. This is why sometimes it can be worth going straight to a lawsuit. Sometimes, you will need to show them you are serious, which your personal injury attorneys will be more than happy to do.

At What Point Should The Injured Person Hire A California Personal Injury Attorney?

The best time to contact an attorney is right after your accident. Even if we do not begin the claim or make you sign anything right away, it is important to know your rights and how to proceed to give yourself the best chance of full compensation later.

In some cases, it can be worth waiting to file the claim until the extent of your injuries and the treatment required is revealed to make sure everything is covered and included. Even before then, however, your personal injury attorney will be working on the other details of your case and claim. As such, there’s no reason to delay in contacting a trusted source of legal counsel as soon as possible.

For more information on Initiating A Personal Injury Claim In California, a FREE initial consultation is your next best step. Get the information and legal answers you are seeking by calling (415) 966-4471 (San Francisco Office) | (831) 387-7871 (Monterey Office) today.

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